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How to involve my mom!

My finance and I live in Florida, as do my parents.  We just decided to have the wedding in northern VA, where my finance is from (most of his extended fam can't avoid to make the trek to FL and the guest list was waaay his parents are in a position to financially help us and my parents are not so we thought if they are paying, their family should at least be able to make it).  Anyways, I told my mom last night and she seemed a little upset.  I have a feeling it has to do with the fact that I'm the only daughter and she feels she will only be able to offer limited help.  I know I'm going to do my dress shopping down here and will bring her along.  How else can I involve my mom in the planning process?

Re: How to involve my mom!

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    As an MOB, shopping for THE dress is one of the most important things. You could offer to make a day of shopping for your mom's dress, too. Keep her in the loop, by updating her on your plans and showing her pictures of your ideas. And listen to her ideas, too.

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    You could also ask her to help you as you pick flowers, color schemes, favors, etc. My mom gets excited about even stuff like picking out Save the Dates, so I bring her a million catalogues and send her links to sites, etc. I'm pretty sure she never feels left out.

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