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Any advice with getting to know FMIL?

Good evening!

I find myself in an odd situation.  FI and I met while he was home visiting his mother.  They have a relationship that is at times strained.  He lives in another country for work at this time and they do not see each other frequently.  However, I live two (very small) towns over from her and I would like to at least avoid awkward turtle encounters.

I was thinking of sending her a card with some pictures of FI and me together on a vacation we recently took, but I don't know if that would be too much (upon hearing of our engagement, she went radio silent for two months and then started bossing FI around about the guest list.  He told her that they could resume communications when she could be a respectful human being). 

I don't need to be her BFF and plait her hair.  I would like to at least be on civil terms with her (particularly as to avoid any future poisoning attempts), and I thought that might be a nice gesture.

Too much? 

Re: Any advice with getting to know FMIL?

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    wegsmomwegsmom member
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    I think a card and a few photos would be lovely.  Maybe if you take the time to "include" her now, she may be less abasive in the future.  Some moms see the future wife as the enemy, somebody who is trying to steal their precious baby boy.  If she can see that you want to include her in your life then maybe she'll change her tune.

    Or maybe asking her to lunch...if that's not too much (or too scary). 

    Best wishes!
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    Thank you, wegsmom!  That's reassuring!

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