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Groomswomen gifts?

My FI is having two groomsmaids? groomswomen? at our wedding in addition to his best man. 

Should they receive the same gift as the bridesmaids, or the groomsman, or something completely different? 

Also, what is the term for a female who stands up with the groom?

Re: Groomswomen gifts?

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    AutumnFairAutumnFair member
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    Like any gift of the WP it doesn't have to be the same (just the same budget wise). Since these are your FI attendants he should know them pretty well with what their interest and hobbies are, then just get something that reflects that.

    I believe most people use Groomswoman, some people also just lists "Groom's Attendants" and "Bride's Attendants" usually it is done when both sides have mix gender sides but it doesn't really matter. 
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    aerinpegadrakaerinpegadrak member
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    DH handled the gifts for all of his attendants, including the female friend.  My attendants (including my brother) all got the same gift, his attendants all got different gifts.  We called her a groomswoman, she referred to herself as a groomsmaid, and our program listed everyone under the headings "attendants to the bride" and "attendants to the groom" (because the font we used had a broken apostrophe).
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    shadowkat08shadowkat08 member
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    Okay, thanks. Should have realized that I could get them all different things duh. 

    I thought groomswoman looked close, but then again I think "groom" is a funny word.
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