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what types of gifts are you getting for parents? Are you doing it by couple or individual? We have 7 people or 3.5 couples.

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    Kinda laughed at the idea of a single person being half of a couple, not gonna lie ;)

    We'll probably do nice frames, or electronic picture frames, or something like that.

    I think for my stepmom, I'm going to get her some wedding-related charm for her Pandora bracelet.
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    Hahaha. I guess it should really be 4 couples Thanks for the ideas
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    I'm planning on a picture frame maybe, and hand-written letters to my parents and FI's parents, thanking them for their love and support.
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    i'm going to get ahold of their wedding pictures (both sets of parents are still married), and put it on something, I'm thinking right now on a canvas, and then write something about the example they have set for us.  And about how we can look to them to help us get through the not so perfect times in our marriage. 
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    Stacy that's really sweet.
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    I absolutly LOVE your idea Stacy!

    Another great option is a photo-book... is simple to use you add the pictures you want from your computer, design your cover and you can also add words as well they turn out beautiful !  They are far from pricey.  I get my daughter-in-law one @ least once a year as a gift (mainly Mother's day) and showcase my granddaughter  through out that year.
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    I've been pondering this.  They are paying for most of the wedding and they get a little trinket?  Somehow that seems rude to me.  I was thinking of a speech at the reception of how wonderful they are as a thank you.    Plus they live a zen-clutter-free life currently and I can't see a picture frame going on the floor next to the singing bowls...

    Is a gift really necessary?
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    [QUOTE]Stacy that's really sweet.
    Posted by mhoneill[/QUOTE]

    Thanks!  I'm excited to give it to them!
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