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We are having FI's 2 nieces and 1 nephew as FGs and RB. I am not very good with children's presents so looking for suggestions here. We get them presents all the time, but wanted to get them something a little more special for being in our wedding party. I already made themactivity baskets with things for them to play with at the wedding.

The RB is 8 and loves sports. He is a really good soccer player, and he also loves the Res Sox.

The 2 flower girls are 5 and 1 (will be 18M at the wedding). The baby likes baby dolls, and the 5 year old is the ultimate girlie girl. Loves pink, make-up, princesses, etc. TIA!

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    Take those ideas and get them something that matches their interests. It doesn't have to be personalized. For the ring bearer, what about a piggy bank or something in the shape of a baseball? Or something Red Sox? I would take their interests (esp the older ones) and get them something to do with that. If you want something more personalized (with their names on it) you could try Things Remembered or even some of your local gift shops may offer engraving or embroidery.

    Our RB was a lot younger, so we got him a cute t-shirt that said "ring security" on it to wear at the reception. And we also got him a refillable activity/coloring book set with his name embriodered on it. For my 2 FG's, ages 5&6, we go them little polka dot purses with their names on them and then I put crayons & coloring books down inside them for the reception.
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    I say run with their interests.  Like pp said, it doesn't have to be personalized but their interests would be easy to work with.  The nephew who likes sports might love a pro soccer jersey, personalized shin guards, or tickets to a nearby college (or pro) soccer game.

    The baby who likes dolls would probably love just about anything.  You can get personalized dolls. I don't know you budget but just about anything will work for the younger FG.

    The for the older FG you could get her an American Girl doll designed to look like her (that is what I am doing for my niece/FG) or maybe if you are close you could take her out for a mani-pedi day and just give a small token on the wedding so she doesn't feel left out.

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