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Mothers and Dresses

I just found out the other day that my future MIL is wearing a top and skirt that she purchased several months ago (before we were even engaged) to our wedding.  I'm not sure exactly what it looks like (she tried to explain it to me, but it sounds complicated, and she had a hard time doing it).  I asked her if it was relatively dressy, as this is a pretty formal wedding.  She said yes, it was.  Okay.  Cool.  Now, my future MIL is in her mid-70s and is not the epitome of fashion, mind you, but that's okay too.  What I'm bothered by is that she just told me that her top/skirt combo is the same color as my bridesmaids' dresses, and she's so glad I picked that color so that everyone would match.  Well, I really don't want her to match the bridesmaids.  My mother is not planning on matching the maids.  I like the color I chose, but I wish I would have known the color of her outfit before I chose that color for my wedding.  I'd like to ask her to wear something different, but I know I can't.  I recognize that I'm probably overreacting, but I can't seem to shake it.  Any advice?

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    My mom picked a dress the same colour as my BM's as well. It did not bother me, makes me rather happy though as I know that it will all look good. Just think she have picked a colour that really clashed with your colours. Your right in the fact that you can't tell her what to wear and should not ask her to get something new. Best advise- let it go, she most likely won't be standing next to your BM much at all and there are other things to think about. Good Luck.
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    It will be fine.

    Both my Mom and my husband's Mom wore dresses in a variation of one of the colors the BM's wore. No big deal. It looked just fine in the photos.
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    Remember that the moms will not be in pictures with the bridesmaids (or at least not all of them at once--my cousin is MOH and FSIL is a bridesmaid, so they'll end up in family shots) so it really doesn't matter if they're in the same color. And no one's going to mistake a mom for a bridesmaid.
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    Not a big deal. I think it will look great regardless. Let her wear what she is comfortable in.

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    I'm dealing with the same exact thing, but my pet peeve with this fixed itself bc FSMIL asked my mother what she was wearing. My mother responded and FSMIL announced "Oh but she said I had to match the BMs!" (which I did not, FSMIL kept insisting that she needed to match). Followed by "Ok, that makes it so much easier for me to pick something out!!" *headdesk*
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    actually it will make your group shots look more pulled together IMHO. As PP said no one will mistake them as BMs. My mom asked if I cared what color she wore and originally I said anything but tan - which is what my BMs are wearing. Then the other day I found the perfect tan dress for my mom so I sent her a pic. She loved it too and it will look great next to the BMs. Think of all the large family photos you've seen. It really does look better with everyone wearing just a few colors. Besides it helps the moms to feel like more a part of the day =)
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    I agree that you can't say anything, and it really will turn out just fine, but for what it's worth, I agree with you. I think it's really weird when moms match the bridesmaids, but it's a personal hangup of mine.
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