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What exactly are the duties of the MOH...?
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    Hi there--the duties for the MOH are to obtain the required attire, show up and stand in photos.  Everything above and beyond that is optional.  There are lots of threads discussing this subject, so you could try searching for them.  Also, the wedding party board may be helpful for questions.  HTH!
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    Ditto. If she wants to throw you a bridal shower or a bach party with some of the other girls, that is great, but definitely not required. It is you and your FI responsibility to plan and do things for your wedding, but if they offer to help then you can take them up on it. If not, don't push it. Just be happy they are in your wedding and will be beside you on your special day.
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    I'm sure that you can and have found a zillion lists of MOH "duties".  Print every single one out.  Now carry them all to your shredder and shred them.

    Because they're a product of a wedding industry that wants to you to spend more and more and more $$ on their products.

    The duties of a MOH are really quite basic:  Attend the wedding.  Wear the attire.  Walk down the aisle.  Hold the bride's flowers while standing respectfully during the ceremomy.  Smile for pictures.  And in some states, the MOH (if the person is of legal age) can sign the license.

    There you go.  The "duties" of a MOH (and any member of the WP) begin and end with the ceremony.  They do not have any "duties" before wedding day, and once the ceremony is over, their "duties" have ended, and they enjoy the reception, just like all of your other guests.

    Pretty easy, huh?
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    * Hold your bouquet during the ceremony
    * Hold the groom's ring (sometimes)
    * Sign the license (if necessary)
    * Give a toast at the reception (if she chooses)

    That's pretty much the extent of what she's obligated to do.
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