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Surprise for Mom?

I'm trying to think of a fun surprise for my Mom at the reception. She has been so AWESOME during the planning process, she's my woman on the ground planning a destination wedding, she and my father are generously hosting, and she deals with my bridezilla meltdowns with ease.

I'm planning on surprising my Dad & FI with a cigar & scotch tasting late into the reception, and my Mom got so excited about this idea. I'd love to have a special surprise for her (all the better if it includes my super awesome FMIL & FSMIL). I've got her favorite songs on our song list for the dj, but short of serving her favorite dish for dinner (um, filet mignon just isn't going to work), I can't think of any great surprises for her!

Has anyone surprised their moms at the reception?

Re: Surprise for Mom?

  • My FI and I are planning on presenting our Moms with a rose at the beginning of the ceremony. The pictures will be priceless!
  • Honestly this is something that is hard to recommend for without knowing your mother as well as you do.

    Pick something that means a lot to her, or that she likes a lot.  Does she like wine?  You can do a wine tasting for her during the cigar tasting.

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  • MairePoppyMairePoppy Connecticut mod
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    How about a mother/daughter dance to one of your moms favorite songs? Halfway through the song, the dj could invite all the other female guests to dance with their mothers, daughters, sisters, best friends. Those women without dance partners would have a turn on the dance floor, in honor of your mom. There we quite a few ladies at my daughters wedding who couldn't pry their husbands out of their chairs.

    Since your mom has been a great help to you, write a heartfelt thank you letter to her, give it to her with a picture frame and an IOU for a wedding picture of you and your new husband with your parents.
  • These are great ideas. I know it's tough to suggest things without knowing her, but I think the mini-moon for her and my Dad would be her favorite. I love the dance idea too for all the ladies at the wedding.
  • I second RetreadBride's idea of giving them a mini-honeymoon. I feel like that's something anyone would be pleased with and appreciate. :)
  • NYCMercedesNYCMercedes BOS, NYC, DC. Forever a city girl member
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    Your post is soooo sweet and it's so nice to read after all the bridezilla rants and made-up drama on these boards. Your FMIL is lucky to be getting you.
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