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HELP--what should the Mothers dresses be

I need help with what the mother of the bride and the mother of the groom should wear.  The bridesmaids are wearing the color called regency (bluish purple) and the groomsmen are wearing black tuxes with silver vests.  My mom wants to make sure everyone knows she is the mother of the bride but so does my fiances mom.  What colors can they wear but not clash

Re: HELP--what should the Mothers dresses be

  • Blue? Purple? Light blue? Lavendar? Plum? Silver? Charcoal? 
    Any of those should work and would all work with each other, too. 
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    They get to wear whatever they choose.

    ETA: And won't they stand out as MOB/MOG because they have a corsage? If you haven't planned to get them one, you should.
  • I'm a 3 time MOB.  Walking down the aisle directly preceeding the processional tells everyone who the MOB and MOG are.

     Your mom should buy the dress that makes her feel beautiful and comfortable.  MOG should do the same.  No one else gets to choose their colors  or styles.  The corsages will be a tip off too.  Everyone will know who they are.
  • The wear whatever they want.

    And since they will be walking down the aisle prior to the bride and typically you invite friends and family to the wedding, I am pretty sure that everyone will know that they are the MOB and MOG.

  • Of cuorse the mothers can wear whatever they like BUT I took this question as they were all wondering what colors would look nice with the wedding colors. And then actually looked up the color and gave an answer to the OP's question. People on TK are so quick to jump down everyone's throats. Gheez.(Oh, and I am a MOB ... and I wouldn't dream of wearing something that clashed with my daughter's wedding colors. There are several colors that will be just fine that I can wear and feel amazing. My daughter isn't dictating anything about what I should wear, I just care enough to have it jive with the whole scheme of things.)
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    I'm an MOB, right now, too. I didn't see anyone jump down neenee's throat. It's nice of you to offer your opinion on colors, but the other ideas were also intended to be helpful.

    The MOB and MOG should feel good about what they are wearing. Your mom probably has a good idea of what colors complement her and she should base her decision on that. Moms should probably avoid any shade of white, because most people observe the tradition of that being the bride's color only. If it is her choice to coordinate the color of her dress with the wedding party, give her some fabric swatches to shop with. But IMO, and my daughter's, it's totally unnecessary.

    The other posters are correct. Everyone will know who the mom's are because they will be the last to be seated before the procession and they will be wearing corsages. You cold also have them announced at the reception, when the bridal party arrives. My daughter and FSIl have decided that they would like both their parents to walk with them in the procession.

  • Agree with Marie.  If your mom and your FMIL have expressed an interest in coordinating their attire with that of the wedding party, then the color of their attire is one way to do that, as are corsages that each would wear. 

    With your color scheme, I think dark gray or pewter would look nice, as would deeper shades or blue or purple.  For contrast, I think some shade of pinks/fuschias or greens would also look nice.

    FWIW, both my mom and my MIL, despite our insisting it wasn't necessary, wanted to coordinate with our wedding colors.  They asked honestly for our thoughts and we gave them.  I don't think giving an idea is bad, if you're aked; I think wanting to coordinate is the preference of some moms.  In our case, we just tried to be as broad as possible and didn't make any suggestions about style of dress, just a couple of color families.

  • That's the color I chose too, my mom wants to wear like a lavender color. So I would say that would be fine. But she can wear whatever she wants as long as its not close to white. :)
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