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Hi everyone, its been over 2 years since I got married and I still think about and can't help looking at all your beautiful ideas on the Knot.Im so happy to announce we're expecting our first bundle of joy so I get to plan for that now!! Planning my wedding was sooo much fun but I had a tough time finding my Tiffany blue themed items for my wedding. I had a lot of other brides  who used some of my ideas and/or asked for pics so I decided to post some  a few items of things I made or found for other Tiffany brides so that your job could be a little less stressful!! Hope this helps. Heres the link...

Wish you all the best of luck!! If you'd like to contact me  with any questions please do so. I could maybe help you create something if your having trouble with your blue colors ideas. I have about a billion pics from the wedding including dress, the tiffany cake, invites, postage, napkins,etc...all Tiffany themed if you'd like to have them personally emailed too.Smile


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    oh WOOOHOOOO what did you do blue? My bridesmaids dresses are, I want blue shoes... i want it all blue! Help! WHere did you go for stuff?!
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