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does anyone have any unique ideas for making MOH stand out? I want to do something special so she is recognized as the maid of honor but I'm at a loss of how...different bouquet than the other bm's?  corsage & bouquet? she's wearing the same dress & shoes as the other bms...  any creative thoughts are most appreciated! :)


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    A bouquet bigger than the BM's bouquets with the same flowers.  A bouquet in another color.    Honestly though, most people will figure out she's the MOH when she's the last down the aisle before you and is standing next to you for your vows.

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    I've seen the MOH wear a sash with her dress in a coordinating color.

    Like PP said, people will know she's the MOH.
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    I was thinking about a bigger bouquet for my MOH

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    I've never heard of making the MOH "stand out" until posting here.  People honestly don't really care who the MOH is, and they'll be able to deduce that she's the girl standing closest to you.
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