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Unsupportive Mother


Re: Unsupportive Mother

  • edited December 2011
    I still don't think you've titled this correctly.  Perhaps your sister isn't pulling her weight, but that's not your concern.  You don't have to live with Mom anymore. 

    At least your mother wants to help with something; I would give anything if my mother would show the slightest bit of interest in my wedding, and stop getting exasperated with my ideas.  That being said, though she isn't paying for anything, I love her, and want her to be involved in our special day.  In the beginning, I assumed that my parents would help with my wedding, but I got a rude awakening and learned right quick those things which were unnecessary. 

    Maybe it's just because I'm Mormon, but I've been to some rockin' non-alcoholic parties.  If you teetotal, there's no need to buy alcohol, and no chance that your married best man will hit on your engaged maid of honor (personal story, and I was the MOH).  Just a thought. 

    Keep all the snarkiness about money to yourself, remember that she doesn't have much to spend for whatever reason, and be grateful that she is there and isn't calling you "tacky" or "eccentric."  Please.
    December 18, 2010!!! Never thought I would be a winter bride; just hoping we don't get snowed in until AFTER the wedding!
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