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Bridesmaids, Jr. Bridesmaids and Flowergirl Gifts

I got my 4 Bridesmaids and Jr. Bridesmaids Tote Bags.... I want to put little stuff in them does anyone have any ideas of what to put in the bags they are like my cousins and we are very close....
Also, I have no Idea what to get for my 2 neices and flowegirls.....

HELP please

Re: Bridesmaids, Jr. Bridesmaids and Flowergirl Gifts

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    I would say put little different things in each of theirr bags that are more personalized to them. Like if one of them reads, put a book that you think she'd like, etc. For the little girls, why not ask their moms if there's something they think their daughters would particularly like?

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    I agree with PP, add something personal to each bag. 
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    One of my flower girls LOVES Hello Kitty (it's truly ridiculous ;) so I'll probably end up getting her a Hello Kitty backpack and stuffing it full of different, small things. The other loves purple, and I'll probably end up getting her a purple unicorn or something of that nature. My ringbearer will most likely get an art set (he loves to draw). My MOH is nuts about Heath Ledger, so I'll probably get her a few of his movies.

    I think it really depends on the individual person :)

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