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How to ask my bridesmaids...

I have 3 sisters all of which I want to be my bridesmaids, the problem is in the asking. The all are expecting me to ask which kinda sucks because I don't know how to ask them in a cute way that would kinda suprise them. I need some ideas. My sister closest to me in age (20) is going to be my MOH, my other 2 sisters bridesmaids along with a close friend. My other 2 sisters are 13 and 14. And because of thier age i don't know how to ask them in a way they would appreciate.

Any suggestions would be amazing! THANK YOU!

Re: How to ask my bridesmaids...

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    Why do you feel it necessary to ask them in a cute way that will surprise them?  Why not just call them up or stop by and ask them in person?  Honestly, I think too many brides put too much pressure on themselves do go above and beyond on things that many people may forget about in six months.  The honor of being asked is the actual asking not the cute way in which it was asked.

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    Ditto PP, I think doing it in person is always the best way if you can. 
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    Just ask them.  My SIL didn't even ask me.  She just told me to show up at X Bridal Shop at a certain time and date to pick a dress.  I returned the favor when I made her my MOH.
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    I had small 9-piece magnetic puzzles made for each girl with a picture of the two of us that said "will you be my bridesmaid (or maid of honor for my sister)?". I know it sounds pretty cheesy but most of my BMs are out of state and since I couldn't really ask them in person I wanted to do something fun and I wanted to surprise them. That's just me though, I know most people just ask. Don't feel pressured to do anything out of the ordinary. If possible maybe you can take them to lunch or dinner and ask them there. You could give them a card that says why they are important to you if you really want to give them something. But any way you ask them they will be honored and excited.
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