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What the hell was she thinking?


Re: What the hell was she thinking?

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    What was she thinking?  She was thinking that the average guy isn't going to remember the details of a child's dress that he saw briefly, and that he's not going to make the connection to a dress for an adult.  She was also thinking that her sister was a sane person and not a paranoid mess perceiving sabotage and betrayal at every turn.  Apparently she was wrong about that last part.
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    [QUOTE]In Response to Re:Also, you shouldn't call people weird.
    Posted by deepcovejackie[/QUOTE]

    You're right.  That was rude.  You didn't deserve to be called weird retreadbride.  I apologize.
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    I think that you majorly, majorly overreacted and that your sister deserves an apology. Who cares if he saw, for a brief moment, a small version of your dress? Seriously. I show my FI my dress all the time and we both could care less. It is something entierly different when it is on and you're walking down the aisle.
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    I would be mortified if my sibling spoke to me that way, especially in front of other people people. =( Did you do this in front of your niece?

    Even if your FI memorized every detail, bead and stitch of fabric, he hasn't seen YOU in your dress. Even if he had seen you in your dress, you will still take his breath away when he sees you walking toward him on your wedding day. Try to keep that in mind.

    This isn't really about a stupid dress. It's about your relationship with your sister. You said if someone else had done it, you wouldn't have reacted this way. 

    Meh, good luck with everything.

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    I think you know your sister and so you would know her reasoning better than any of us. If she is the type to want attention than maybe she took it out on purpose. Maybe she wanted everyone to look and gush over it. But you should not have made a scene like that. He won't remember it.

    I also think you should tell your sister you over reacted.
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    My cousin asked to see a picture of my dress (she lives out of town) so I handed her my phone so she could see it and not only did she describe every detail of my dress and how my body looked in my dress in front of my FI, she tried to hand him the phone to look! Instead he turned his head and handed me the phone. Was I kinda irritated? ya.. but did I scream at her and get mad? nope, it's not worth it. In the end the wedding is one day. He is not gonna think about her description of the dress on that day, he is gonna enjoy seeing me in the dress. :) Just move on, it's for the best!
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    Dude, "dumbest thing EVER" and cussing out your sister were a massive overreaction.  I'm sure I would be irritated too, if that was something that was important to me.  But it wasn't even the dumbest thing I've seem posted here this WEEK, let alone deserving of quite such an outstanding fit.
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    In Response to <a href="">Re: What the hell was she thinking?</a>:
    [QUOTE]I'd be pissed that she chose to turn her daughter into a "Mini -Me."   Kids dressed like a bride are creepy.
    Posted by RetreadBride[/QUOTE]

    I very much agree, but I don't think that was the issue here.  OP didn't say anything about the dress being different from the one she was supposed to buy and sister said "see, I told you it was the mini version of your dress".    Pretty sure OP is just upset that FI SAW creepy mini-me dress, not that sister bought it.

    OP, feel free to come back and correct me if I'm wrong here.
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    OP - Get over it. What the hell were you thinking to overreact like that?

    I'm sure the dress isn't IDENTICAL even if it closely resembles yours. It is still a CHILD's dress not a full grown woman's.
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