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Is air brush make up worth the price?

I've heard great things about air brush make up, but yikes is it expensive!  Has anyone tried it?  What did you think?  The main reason I want it is that I've heard it stays on super well.  I have very oily skin, plus I'm pretty sure I'll get emotional at least once on my wedding day, and I don't want my make up coming off!  What do you ladies think, is it worth it?

Re: Is air brush make up worth the price?

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    I was wondering that too. And what about Diorshow Airbrush makeup? It isn't really true airbrushing, but rather a spray foundation.
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    I wore regular makeup and it was fine, stayed on all day and I thought I looked pretty good. But I've heard airbrush makeup makes you look flawless and is better for pics. This is what a MUA has to say about it (3rd Q down)

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    Proceed with caution!!!
    I work in film and air brushing is standard in the makeup trailer... while it looks great on camera, it is very cakey and thick in person. That's why it lasts for so long - it's heavy. As well, it does not respond well with sweat or tears. Give it a shot before your day to check if you're really into it. 

    If you're looking for even coverage that will last, I recommend using a face primer prior to your foundation. Smashbox Photo Finish is amazing for sucking up any oil and providing you with a clean, tactile canvas to put your makeup on. Plus, it fills in lines and pores which can give you an almost airbrushed feel. 

    Revlon's new Photo Ready foundation is also excellent when used with the primer. You get major glow and luminous skin. And remember to set everything with a colorless loose mineral veil - like Bare Escentuals. Your makeup will not budge!
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    I am a MUA and this should never be the case. I have worked on film and maybe it called for something like that but it is almost imposable to make it too heavy. I mostly just do makeup for weddings now and the great thing about airbrush is you can have full coverage without having on a lot of makeup. It is sprayed on and the way the new HD cameras read it you look flawless. I highly recommend you shop around for prices. The company I work for offers traditional for the same price as airbrush. Call a studio and set up a makeup session the artist canexplain the pros and cons to both airbrush and traditional makeup applications. But it really does last longer and go on lighter (the biggest complaint I have ever receive is by people who usually wear a lot of cover up to conceal imperfections sometimes feel insecure because they do not feel like they have anything on.) With that being said and airbrushing becoming so popular you just need to make sure you get a trained artist and that they use a good brand of product. Not all brands are created equal. I use an all vegan line that can easily touched up. I prefer that one even though it only last about 10 hours asopposed to 12 because with weddings people are gong to kiss you and you might cry and you want to be able to touch up easily. some brands go onbeautifully but can not be touched up, they work great for non-emotional days but in my opinion not weddings. Hope this helps!!
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    I totally disagree with whoever said it is cakey.  That is just ludicrous.

    I did 2 makeup trials -- one regular (in my bio) and one with airbrushing.  I was airbrushed for my e-pics and wedding (also in bio).  If anything was heavy and cakey it was the regular foundation.

    When I got airbrushed for my E-pics, it stayed all night even after being outside in the humiidity for 2 hours.  It is well worth the price, as a I discovered after I did a trial with regular foundation. 

    Airbrushing also looks much better for pictures.  I looked as great in my last picture of the night as I did in the first one.

    So to answer your question, yes.
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    I, too, am a professional MUA, and airbrush makeup is the way to go as long as it fits in your budget.  I do not charge any more for airbrush than I do traditional, so I'm sure there are others like me in your area.  I also give some tips on the pros of using airbrish makeup on my website -

    Best of luck!!!

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    Maybe it's a different process for film shoots versus weddings? Although, I just know from what I've seen at work - very heavy. Could be a heavier coverage for the cameras in film... I am intrigued and def going to investigate more. 
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    To classic:

    It might be diff but when I do film I use the same just with more coverage. The big diffrence in film and wedings is you apply heavy powder when doing film and maybe that is the part that looks "cakey" at all last looks and changes the MUA usually puts on powder to make sure the shine from the lights is not showing and as you know if you work on film how very hot and sweaty the actors get so they just appy more powder to cover that.

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    oh they get so schweaty! I think you're right!
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    I think airbrush is definitely worth it.  My ceremony, cocktail hour and reception were all outside in the Florida humidity and my and my bridesmaids' makeup lasted all night long.  I also thought it was the opposite of cakey-- mine was very lightweight and didn't feel like I was wearing a lot of makeup which I liked too. 
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