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Pay for hair - and tips?

I'm paying for all of my bridesmaids and both mothers hairdos. Additionally, I also got everyone jewelry and flip-flops (for the late night dancing!). Since the hair styles are not cheap, and since expenses have really been adding up, is it wrong to ask the maids/mothers to tip their own stylist? Or does it look tacky to have them each shell out about $10 for gratuity?

Re: Pay for hair - and tips?

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    "Paying for" the hair includes paying the tip.

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    agreed with PP on this one. Also, all the weddings I was a BM in the bride paid for the hair. I tiped the girl who did it even though it wasn't asked of the bride. I also know the Brides mom tipped too. Just a though that some might tip on their own. 
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    [QUOTE]"Paying for" the hair includes paying the tip.
    Posted by stephiehall[/QUOTE]

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    IMO The tip is supposed to reflect individual quality of service so you should not ask anyone to tip nor should you tip for them If you are worried that some people will not tip and you feel it is deserving just give a larger tip for your own hair and makeup
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    The salon we're going to requires a $200 deposit to hold the chairs and salon space.  I told my gals that are going with me that that $$ would roll over for their updos and makeup, but they'll be responsible for the additional cost which should be about $30.  Not all of my gals are going to the salon though, one is a stylist so she's doing her own hair.  I'm hoping this does not make life awkward and will take a little of their plates.
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