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Non-Transfer Lipstick, Any reccomendations?

Can anyone reccomend a good non-transer lipstick.  Here is what I used so far:

Revlon Lipstain:  Feels good but gives uneven color. 
M.A.C. Pro longwear lipcolor - Makes my lips feel dry and horrible
CoverGirl all day lip color - same as M.A.C.

Re: Non-Transfer Lipstick, Any reccomendations?

  • i wear and will wear for wedding covergirls long wear lipcolor.
    it doesnt make my lips feel horrible and dry, but thats what the clear chapstick tube is there to help with!
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  • I'm using Revon ColorStay Soft & Smooth lipstick. It's incredible!
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  • I have been trying to figure this out.  I bought a couple Revlon ColorStays to try (yay, coupons!) and I have tried them both out for color and for how long they last.  They have lasted all day and overnight, so I'll definitely go with a ColorStay shade for the wedding.  Just gotta figure out which one now.


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  • I use MAC pro-long wear when I go out and Cover Girl all day as my daily color.  Both dry my lips out, so I always use lip gloss or chapstick, depending on the occasion.  For the wedding it will be MAC w/ cherry chapstick. 


  • I've had good luck with this trick.  Doesn't work on all lipsticks... so practice trial and error first.

    Lip Primer: I use Too Faced's lip primer.  It has an application similar to lipgloss, but keeps your lips hydrated and your lipstick from feathering.

    Lipstick: Choose your poison.  Avoid lipsticks that are glossy, like Benefit.  As much as I LOVE Benefit lipstick... it comes off very easily because it's a lipstick/lipgloss hybrid

    THEN... take a setting powder.  BE's mineral veil... Too Faced's new primer powder... Urban Decay's Razor Sharp powder... or even a Cover Girl setting powder (NOT a powder foundation!).  Take a two-ply tissue, and separate the plys (cheesecloth works well, too).  Place the tissue/cheesecloth over your lips, and dust the powder over your lips.  Apply just a touch of the lipstick overtop. 

    It's an old theatre trick.... that kept my lipstick on under hot lights for 9 years.  Works like a charm.
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  • My makeup artist applied lipstain on my gloss and it stayed put just fine, didn't rub off on DH and I touched up every hour
  • OK I will try the other suggestions too.  Don't buy the revlon lipstain though.  I made the mistake and bought 3 different colors before trying it.  It goes on uneven and when you try to apply more, it sort of washes the color out.  And it does not last long!  I applied some at work and within 1 1/2 hours it was gone, and was not eating.  I did go on makeupalley.com and they have reviews of lipsticks.  I bought superstay lipcolor by maybelinne last night and so far I really like it.  It stays long but dosen't give you that weird texture on your lips like covergirl and MAC does. 
  • I have worn Revlon's Colorstay for years and love it. It doesn't wear off or come off unless I take it off.

    My current favorite color is Revlon ColorStay Overtime, Maximum Mauve. It's not mauve at all, and the most like "normal" lip color. I also like the Timeless Nude, which I put OVER the Maximum Mauve in a thin layer to make it a bit more pink.

    My only complaint about any of the lipcolors that don't wear off is that they are dry. The lip shine that comes with the Revlon brand needs to be reapplied.
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