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Poll - Best Volumizing Mascara

What do people recommend for the best volumizing mascara - My FI didn't like the look of the fake lashes & it was a bit much, but I still don't want to have puny lashes, any recommendations? TIA!

Re: Poll - Best Volumizing Mascara

  • I have thinner straight lashes (it really depends on what yours are like) and I have bare minerals buxom which I think is great. It's one of the "new age" brushes. Dior Show is great, but it's a little to heavy for my lashes and they fall flat. Hypnotise by lancome is a good one too. For $50 at sephora you can get a mascara sampler. It's a little pricey, but I've spent more than that trying out mascaras!
  • I have to add.... I wasn't feeling the fake lashes either until my makeup artist showed me how my makeup looks with 1/2 the lashes on the outer part of my eye. I love it with my winger eyeliner :)
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