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trouble finding wedding band

hello, i've been searching for awhile now to find a wedding band to go along with my ring. FI got my ering custom made and I thought I would just get a pave' band to match the band of the ering and be done with it...well, I think the matchy wedding band and e ring band make it look just like a double band on my e ring and that you wont be able to tell i'm married.The e ring has a lot of pave details covering the whole thing, the center stone is a princess and there are 2 round brilliant stones on the band too. today I went to yet another store and the jeweler suggested a 7 stone round cut band and it brings out the side stones on the e ring... but is it too much stuff going on?  FI just keeps saying "whatever you want" so I need opinions !   Thanks!i always have issues with tiny pic so I'm going to put a couple links and hopefully 1 works![IMG][/IMG]

Re: trouble finding wedding band

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    Have you tried a diamond enhancer?  one that is shaped in a V or curved a bit?  they look great with a big stone e ring. 
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