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Growing hair faster and taking care of problem skin

I've only got two months left until my big day, and I've got two big problems!  My hair is just a bit too short for the updo I want and my skin is freaking out!!!  I've heard that you can make your hair grow really fast by taking gelatin pills and using horse shampoo.  Are there any other secrets out there??I normally have good skin, so I'm attributing this sudden surge of hormones to stress.  Hopefully it will go away after I'm married, but I'm not sure what to do about a quick fix in the meantime.  I'm using everything I can think of!  Skin clearing facewash, acne fighting exfoliant, blemish reducing toner, oil free moisturizer, spot treatment, bare minerals makeup, and oil absorbing sheets.  I'm at my wits end...Please help!!!

Re: Growing hair faster and taking care of problem skin

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    Hi SAMWILKENING, I too had to grow my hair out...and the BIOTIN pills worked wonders!!! I got engaged in July of 08' and had the posh hair cut( short in the back...longer to the front) and now a year later my hair is at my bra strap! As for facewash....I use the Neutrogena Deep Clean..oil free..cleanser and if I happen to have a dermatologist perscribed Differin Gel for me!!
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    I started on the biotin pills a couple weeks ago and I've been getting compliments almost daily on how long and healthy my hair looks!!!  Thanks for the recommendation ladies!My skin is FINALLY beginning to clear up, but now I've got a bunch of dark spots from old blemishes.  Any ideas on how to get rid of those?  I seem to get them whether I pick at my face or just leave it alone...I've got 6.5 weeks left--it's time to get beautiful!  = )
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    take prenatal vitamins. with only two months to go, you won't have enough time to get the full effect. They'll also help to grow your nails. You can get them over the counter at CVS.
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    Along with the Biotin pills, I use the Biotin shampoo/conditioner - I buy mine at GNC and it's very reasonable!  Just a thought :)
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    I've never heard of this Biotin! I hope it works I am going to buy some tomorrow!
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    I started using the Bioten since reading this post and it may sound crazy but my hair is actually growing, It may just be regular growth, but it's now long enough to put in a ponytail!
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