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Ok, the title is pretty self-explanitory.  I have a year until my wedding, and I'm in need of some serious help acne-wise.  I didn't have terrible acne until college, and now it's worse than ever (during my senior year).  I've been on proactive, clinique, etc., tried antibiotics from the dermatologist, but am allergic to them, and am currently on Yaz, but I've been on it for about a month and it's only made my acne worse, not better..Suggestions?
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    I just stated to take Natures Cure I did my research and I have seen many great reviews on it. I also am a firm believer in a consistent routine. Like I forgot to wash my face saturday evening and guess what I have 3 blemishes that I am treating now.
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    I had bad cystic acne in my 30's and the Yasmin pill helped me so now I take a spiro (spironolactone) pill like twice a week and I have no acne. But my acne was hormonal so if the pill isn't working for you, the spiro might not help, but it's generic and if you have insurance it's like $10 way less cheaper than all that other can have a derm or a regular doc prescribe it. I'll be taking my pill before the big day!
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    Go to a dermatologist and get accutane. That is what worked for me. It is hard to get and very regulated but the results are completely worth it. After I stopped taking it I had perfect skin for a couple of years. I've been on it twice with great results both times. My acne has came back a little but NOTHING like it was before. So more about accutane. Its a pill that you get from the dermatologist, you take it twice a day for six months. Only thing I have found that truly works for me. Also you can try a glycolic peel and microderm abrasion (sp). I'm getting both done a month before my wedding to clear up my skin.
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    I tried proactive for about 2 years before I gave up on it.  I switched to the neutrogena skin ID system and am in love with it.  I still break out around exam time (I am in grad school) but the skin ID system is personalized and cheaper than proactive.  I agree w/ pp that changning your pillowcase everynight is also critical.
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    all I have to say is thisgo to the dr and get retin a micro....worked like a charm for me
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    I had a terrible time until I went to the place where I go tanning/airbrush and they have a thing called the Luminous Facial.  It is a bunch of litle LED lights (not UV) and they have the product you put on before hand. It's amazing and my skin has never looked so good! I've been breaking out so badly lately and that is the only thing that has cleared it up (I also tried Clinique, Proactive, and the dermotologist).
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    Forgot to include the website and hopefully there is a place in your area!
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