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Salon tanning - again

So, I went to the tanning salon for my first couple times.  The first time I did 6 minutes in the cheapest bed, and didn't see any color.  I had a little sticker on, but didn't see anything.  The second time I did 6 minutes in one of the more powerful beds, forgot my sticker, but I maybe saw a tiny bit of pinkness.  This last time, I went for 8 minutes in the same (more powerful bed), and I got very pink from the bottom of my boobs down to my knees, but not from the top of my boobs up, or below my knees.  Also, nothing on my back side was pink.  Why is this?  Is there something wrong with the bed? I thought it was supposed to be a mostly-even distribution with maybe some whiteness on the sides.

Re: Salon tanning - again

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    The girl at the salon is right. The "bonier" parts of your body do not tan as well/quickly as the others ( think hands, calves, feet). The parts that have some "padding" will tan easier. I have been tanning off & on for a long time and I always have to put a stronger lotion on the bony areas of my body to come out more even
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