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Hi Ladies,Do any of you use tanning lotion by Designer Skin? I've tried Black 20x before and liked it, but I'm really looking for a tingle. I'm reading reviews on Amazon for Black and a tingle product called Roar (by Designer Skin as well). Both get good reviews, but Roar is a tingle and Black has the 20 bronzers. Do any of you have experience with either one of these lotions? I've reached a plateau. I'm pretty sure Black can get me over it, but I don't know if I should just stick with that or try out a new tingle. TIA!

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    I prefer Mood to Roar, it smells better and it is a larger bottle. Tingle gives you more color because it opens your pores and allows oxygen to enter your skin. On the other hand, bronzer is basically a self tanner...I love black BUT I would definitely recommend a tingle if you are at a plateau!
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    I worked in a tanning salon until fairly recently and I saw brides constantly. I personally would recommend Black by Designer Skin mostly because it's great silicon lotion and it will really get you some nice color quickly. The SunTimes ( a tanning magazine) votes  it the number one tanning lotion in the industry almost every year. A word of warning though: DO NOT BUY LOTION OFF THE INTERNET! Make sure you buy it from a salon. We had girls come into our salon with lotion that they bought off the internet and basically got a bottle of regular lotion that you could buy in a drug store. People do some really crappy things... just make sure you're getting the real deal for your money. 
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