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How much time should I plan for?

My wedding is a long way off, but I'm booking a photographer and she wants to know what time the shooting would start.  my ceremony is at 4:30pm and I was planning on taking pictures for an hour before hand, due to the lack of light in NH at this time.  If I started hair and make-up at 2pm would that be enough time?

Re: How much time should I plan for?

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    Timing never goes like you think it will on the wedding day.  I would back your hair up til noon.  Worst comes to worse, you finish in less time than you think you will and you have extra time for fun pictures!
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    We started hair at 10 am and then makeup at 2pm for pics at 3pm.
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    I'm getting married at 5 and like you, want to take some pictures beforehand. I'm getting my hair done at noon and my makeup at 2 because you have to have time to go back and get your dress on and everything. My makeup trial took almost an hour and I don't normally wear a lot of makeup at all. Just give yourself room to spare, you never know what will take longer.
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      How long your hair and make-up will take will depend on the stylist and how much you are getting done.  I would ask them personally how much time you should alot for their services.But there are two other thing you've forgotten in your time line:-You want to be out of the church/chapel/garden at least 30 min. before the wedding is supposed to start- unless you want everyone to see you in there taking photos before your wedding starts. (1 hour photo + 30min seating, leaves only 30min for your hair and make-up)-Travel time from salon to the place you are getting married at.  If the saloon is right next door to the ceremony or the hairstylist and make-up artist are working on-site at your ceremony location, then this isn't an issue.  If you live in a big city and are going to the salon more than 10 miles away, you should double the normal travel time.
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