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Blush/Bronzer Application Question

I have not fair, but light skin and am getting engagement pictures taken this weekend. I want to wear a little bronzer, but I don't know how to apply it. Do you all with lighter skin wear it with blush, or just by itself?TIA for any input.... I'm clueless!

Re: Blush/Bronzer Application Question

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    In the summer I wear both.  You might be able to google a picture or youtube video of this but to apply:Apply where sun hits your face.  So top of forehead, cheek bones, nose, chin.I usually make a C shape from forehead to chin on each side and the cheek bones.  Then I put blush over the apples of my cheeks only.
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    look up videos on youtube of girls applying bronzer type it "nars laguna bronzer" or "bronzer application" i recommend videos by : AllthatGlitters21 Lollipop26 and Juicystar07
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