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Clear deodorant

Hi girls! What's a good clear deodorant for my wedding day? I know I will hot and sweaty so I want to make sure I'm covered. Thanks!!!

Re: Clear deodorant

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    I would use any of the clinical strength ones out there.  So much better than the regular deodorant.
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    OMG My friend just recommended to me Certain Dry from the drug store and it changed my life! Its kind of weird because you put it on at night before you go to bed, but after a few days of use I stopped sweating entirely and she had the same results. It was in a really ugly package and was like 7.00 USD, clinical strength. I used to constantly sweat in my work clothes etc, and now I don't even get damp at all! I'm making my Fi use it now so he won't pit out at the wedding. Apparently it closes up your pores. I haven't noticed any adverse side effects and I haven't felt any hotter as a result of not sweating. You should totally try it. It says on the package you don't have to wear regular deodorant any more, I still do, but I don't think I will for the wedding cause I dont want the aluminum blah blah blah to stain my dress like it does to regular clothes over time. Good Luck!
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    Certain dry is the only thing that works for me. Don't try to use it like normal deodorant, though.  That gives me a big itchy rash.
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    Thanks guys!!!! I really appreciate the tips!
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    Love the Secret Clinical, especially the Waterproof one.
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