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So I've seen posts discouraging dark nail polish for your wedding day because it will look black in B&W pictures. I'd like to wear red or medium pink polish for the day, but what do you girls think? Any insight from girls who wore darker polish?

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    I think that you should wear what you like. Are you more into color or black and white photos to begin with? I love black and white photos and my wedding colors are black and white, and silver. I plan on getting my nails done with black tips... I know everyone says "for your WEDDING, that's aweful" but it's my day and it's one way I'm bringing my personality into the wedding on a smaller scale than FI wanted in the begining. If you like color photos more, you really shouldn't worry about it because most of your wedding pics will be in color with a few black and white thrown in here and there. Either way it's got to be something you like.
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    I might do blue. I'm playing with some shades. I might even bring a bold and a pale, and see what I feel like  that morning. Have fun with it!
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