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unwanted hair removal suggestions??

Does anyone have any suggestions for removing unwanted facial hair? I went off birth control for a few months and went back on it, and beause of that, my horomones are all out of whack and it made the hair around my hairline where "sideburns" would be and on my cheeks a little dark (I don't look like a man or anything, its just darker than what it used to be and I notice it). Anyway, I tried bleaching, but it created a very obvious blonde line (I am naturally tan with darker features), and I tried Nair, but it left a semi-noticeable line too. Any suggestions? My wedding is Sept 6, and I can't spend the money for electrolysis or anything. TIA!

Re: unwanted hair removal suggestions??

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    Sally Hansen has a brush-on hair remover cream that comes in a little squeezy tube. You can find it at pretty much any drugstore. It works wonderfully, and is perfect even for super sensitive skin.

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    get it threaded - less iritating than waxing imo.
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    I agree with threading.
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