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Highlights and Roots Showing

I'm getting my hair highlighted and colored tonight.  My wedding is not for 3.5 weeks.  Will my roots be showing noticeably?  Ill have my hair parted and in a half up/half down do for the wedding.  Should I worry or will it look fine?  My hair grows at an average pace, I think.
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Re: Highlights and Roots Showing

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    I would talk to your hair stylist. I talked with mine and we booked an appointment for 1 week before the wedding, she said that 2 weeks or more with my hair you will be able to tell. Everyone's hair is different though. If it was me I would reschedule my appointment and live with my roots showing for a bit now in order to look like I wanted on my wedding day.
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    How often do you normally get your hair colored?  They may be able to do a partial now or right before your wedding just to cover roots near your part and forehead line.  Can you not postpone until a week or so before your wedding?
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