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What's the best makeup?

I'm getting married in Vieques, Puerto Rico in January. One downfall is that what ever makeup I want to use, I have to buy and bring with me. I want something that is going to last all day and be okay with my sensitive skin. I know my one Future SIL used MAC and the other used Chanel. I just wanted to get some second opinions before I go and spend about $200 for makeup. I also wasn't sure if MAC, or any other brands would give foundation samples and just allow you to buy the eye/cheek/lip items.

Re: What's the best makeup?

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    I love Dior for my foundation- it's called Diorskin.  Perfect coverage. I know that Sephora give samples- if you have one nearby i would check them out.  They have a smash box set that is specific to being in front of the camera alot as well. Check them out!
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    Most makeup counters will give you a lesson and a cheat sheet, especially if you are spending a lot of money.  I personally like MAC, but there's a ton of good stuff out there. Like PP, I would try Sephora (where they can also do your makeup) for ideas if you're not tied to a specific brand.
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    tarte is good for sensitive skin, they have it at sephora, not sure about samples, i've never asked but they will do your makeup in there to try it:)
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    Here's what I do for all special occasions- Regular moisturizer and eye cream then Smashbox photo finish light foundation primer (it's formulated for sensitive skin) all over the face. Next, either regular liquid foundation (I use Clinique super fit) or bareMinerals powder foundation and when I'm done with eyes/blush light dust of mineral veil also from Bare Escentuals.It last all day even in Chicago's 90 degree 100% humidity weather! This look is pretty matte so if you want something a little more natural use feather light mineral veil(also by Bare Escentuals)  with shimmer in it. If you use concealer use it before foundation. And for touch ups I use Shiseido the makeup luminizing color powder:pressed powder. All this stuff I got from Sephora after reading reviews and it works. You can get travel size tube of the Smashbox primer and they will always give you samples of almost everything. I also never had a problem wit getting samples from Chanel and other department store brands. Hope this helps:)Good luck, and don't forget to blend your foundation down your jawline to the neck!
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    I love different products (examples I love the smashbox photofinish, nars blush, etc) but I have always been a fan of mac for weddings. Ask them to do a makeup "trial" for you (i think you have to buy three products and they give you a full makeover, you'd do that anyway) they do excellent special event makeup and their products have very high pigmentation which is necessary in the humid climate. It really does stay (even more so if you add the smashbox primer!)
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