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Lashes lashes lashes!

Anyone do lash extensions?  What is the average cost/are they worth it??I also heard about Rapid Lash but then heard it had some bad side effects.THANKS:)
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Re: Lashes lashes lashes!

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    Lavish Lashes last about 2 months and are about $250-$200. I looked into them but, they are too expensive for me.
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    I used Latisse for the 4 months before the wedding.  It's the only FDA approved lash growing formula.  It worked excellent, and even though I haven't used it since the wedding (over a month and a half ago), my eyelashes are still longer than they were before.  I was happy with it and felt it was worth the money but I also don't like fake eyelashes and didn't want to spend $250 on extensions that would only last 2-4 weeks. One caveat...I probably wouldn't have used Latisse if I had light colored eyes (mine are very dark brown) because there is a potential for darkening of the irises that could be permanent.  Mine can't get any darker than they are really but if I had pretty blue eyes or something, I'd hate to chance that for longer lashes!  :)
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    Hey,eyelash extensions can destroy your eyelashes.  they can make your eyelashes break and i've talked to a bunch of people who said their eyelashes haven't been the same.   I've been using Latisse also.  It's definitely worked and my eyelashes are way longer (FI even noticed and boys don't notice anything).  My eyes are blue and I've had no color change.  My father is an ophthalmologist and he said that the color change was more likely if you have darker sort of hazel eyes that they may turn more brown.  I have been keeping a look out for any color change because I will stop if I see any but it's been about 3 months now.  I also read in the litterature that eye color change was not reported in the clinical trials.  I believe the difference is making sure you follow the directions and apply it to your lids rather than in your eye.   Latisse began as a treatment for glaucoma and a side effect reported was longer and darker lashes.  I think that's where the color change came into play because drops were put into your eyes.Anyway, Latisse is awesome.  I wouldn't go for extensions.  If you don't want to spend money just use fakes.
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    i did a trial run with lash extensions about a month before my wedding, thank god.  no good.  the very next day they were falling off.  i followed all the "rules" and still they fell off.  not worth the money.i got some awesome fake lashes from sally's beauty suppy that were perfect.  they were just dramatic enough without making me look like a transvestite.  i used ardell brand invisibands in the "babies" style.check on youtube for tutorials on how to apply them.  or, better yet, have someone put them on for you, which is what i did.
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    I am using renew lash, its like Latisse except it isnt by prescription and doesnt have the potential to change your eye color.  My sister got it for me at the Aveda salon she works at.  Its pricey but I am already seeing a difference after 5 weeks.  It can take up to 12 to get maximum effect and lasts as long as you continue to use it.  Once you get to maximum growth just use it every other day to maintain. 
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    My good friend got lash extensions from a salon and they fell off in 2 weeks. I would not recommend them.
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