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Louboutin or Ciuti? I can't decide!! are in my dress and bridesmaid dress, but the Claudia Ciuti shoes are more comfortable, and equally gorgeous...Decisions, decisions...

Re: Louboutin or Ciuti? I can't decide!!

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    I love them both but IMO if you already have petals on the dress... go with the Claudia Ciuti's since they're more comfortable and just as gorgeous... if not more!
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    I think the shoes would be too much, they would compete with the dress.and sure wish I could afford Louboutins. :(

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    Do you have a picture of your dress? That would really help me give my opinion. Although without a dress pic my vote is for the Louboutins because those are also my wedding shoes ;)
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    Haha those Louboutins are my wedding shoe, too, except I'm getting them in black, not pink. They have them in blue, too.
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    I decided on the ciutis... i would be so uncomfortable in the louboutins, and they cost as much as my dress! (It was a sample...) so, the lou's go back :( BUT! I will be scoping out a pair for my married-life shoe collection! Gotta have sexy shoes for the honeymoon too!
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    Good call on the comfortable shoes, you'll want to be dancing the night away.  I like your choice.
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