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hair advice please!

i was hoping i could get some suggestions from you ladies! I have a decent amount of hair and it's long's pretty I'm looking for a shampoo/conditioner to start using to help thicken up my hair....any recs?

Re: hair advice please!

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    I really do like the Wen Hair Care System from QVC. It has thickened my hair and also made it softer.
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    I have used Wen, but did not notice much of a difference in the volume of my hair ... but it definitely made it more silky, less tangly after the shower, things like that. As far as volumizing... I like L'anza Root Lift Spray. But for thickening hair, I'm not sure - I'd love the same thing!
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    My mom has thin hair and she uses Nioxin products. She's had great results with them. It's got shampoo, conditioners, even mousse products and hairsprays. She has thicker hair now, but she's also used it for a couple years. Good Luck! I'm sure your hair will be beautiful!
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