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What color eye shadows would you do with dark brown hair and green

eyes?  My dress is off white/ivory with alittle bit of silver around the waist.Someone at Mac did my make up today and put on silver eyeshadow with a light brown.  The silver was subtle but I didn't like it.Any color suggesetions?

Re: What color eye shadows would you do with dark brown hair and green

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    I would say:a copper/gold to highlight the upper lid (using as overall base of eye lid) mac color (honey lust)and then a blue/green to do the lower and to blend both together in the middle. mac color (plumage or elecric eel).With a brown liner and some mascara.Thats an idea
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    green eyes look BEAUTIFUL with raisins, plums, wines. the purples in those colors bring out the green. plus, the colors mentioned are warmer, so they go well with an ivory dress.

    Glenna Harding Photography
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    You have to take into consideration your eye color and the look you want to achieve.  Do you like smokey eyes (greys or browns) or do you want to brighten your eyes (wihtes, silvers, and golds), or do you want a more natural look (light muted browns and whites)?I have green eyes and I think I'm going for a really light gold on the lid and blend a light plum in the crease.  The gold on the lid will look a little like this: can't find a great example of the plum color... imagine a MUCH lighter version of the eyemakeup on this girl.....(I really don't like her makeup it's just the closest thing I could find to the color). something that compliments your eye color, skin color and hair color!  GL!
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    You have to be careful how much shimmer you add to your eyes. In photos too much shimmer gives you a "meme" look. (MeMe from drew carey)
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    I also have dark hair and green eyes and wore an ivory dress. For eyeshadow, I used Laura Mercier Antique Gold all over, then created a crease with MAC's charcoal brown. I also used several shades of purple from MAC (sorry don't remember the colors off hand). I lined with both black liquid eyeliner and MACs smolder, then softened that with MAC's Embark (a plum-y brown). I have pics in my married bio and I also have links to purple make-up tutorials in my blog, which I would highly recommend for your coloring. It really does make green eyes pop! GL!! If you have any more questions, you can page me on the June 09 board on thenest. Best of luck!
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    As PPs have said- a smoky plum eye will look great with green eyes. but is your wedding day time or nite time? you can always do a lighter application for day and then smoke it up later when the reception begins (if indoors). this is what i ended up doing.
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    I also have dark brown hair and green eyes. I had a smokey brown eye, and more neutral lips. She used coppers, bronzes, and golds. It turned out really well in the photos. She also did some single faux lashes on the outside corners of my eyes to make the pictures pop. Good luck!
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