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Engagement photos?

Did you have your makeup professionally done or did you do it yourself?

Re: Engagement photos?

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    I did mine myself. (Pics on my website in siggy). I've also heard that a lot of people do their e-pics on the same day you do your trial run for wedding hair and makeup. Depends on if you are good at doing your own or not. HTH! :)
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    I tried to go that route, but it just didn't work out. It was too hard to make the schedules work.    
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    PS   Your makeup turned out GREAT! Did you do it any different than your normal day to da?
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    I did mine myself also, there are some pics in my bio. I kind of wish I would have had my hair blown out, but I guess I look "natural."
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    doing mine myself. I'm basically the makeup artist of the family. I've done formal makeup for: prom, bridesmaids, MOB, and for a bride (my sister). their makeup lasted, and it looked good in both pictures and in person. to be perfectly honest, I think that paying what $75? to have someone put makeup on you is a waste of money. for those who aren't good at doing their own makeup (never moved beyond mascara and lip gloss or whatever), surely you know someone, a friend, who is good at doing makeup and can do yours for free or cheap.

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    I went to the MAC store and had them do it.  It was a good option for me, because I didn't have to worry about doing it myself, but it was A LOT cheaper than getting a regular professional do it. 
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