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Do any of you girls have a zip up hoodie to wear the day of your wedding (or did you have one)?I need some help with mine, I'm wondering:What color was the hoodie?What color was the lettering?What did your hoodie say?  (ex. Future Mrs., or Mrs. Est 12/31/09)TIA!!

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    I got mine from and it is white with maroon lettering (my BM dress colors) it says Mrs. Doe est. October 10, 2009on the back of it
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    I bought a white zip up fleece (I bought one without a hood since I thought that the hood could get in the way of doing my hair) and used iron on silver rhinestone looking lettering that said bride.  I wore it that morning and the next morning when we left for our honeymoon and didn't want my name being broadcast to everyone in the airport.  Plus now I can pass it along to other friends getting married and it will get used again instead of just sitting in the closet.

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    I just picked mine up yesterday! I bought a black zip-up hoodie from wal-mart for like $13 and then had it embroidered in hot pink and it says Martha & Chad Est. 11.07.09 which was about $25. Much cheaper than any place I have seen online! You will love it! Also, wal-mart has other colors like white and grey if you don't want to get black.
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    ooh I JUST did mine! I bought a sweatshirt (&& the pants to match :]]) at old navy in black and then i ordered a rhinestone iron on from etsy seller adeliamarie with crystal rhinestones. mine says MRS. ___ Est 11.07.09 LOVE IT!
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