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dying hair before wedding?

So, the wedding is October 24th....thing is, I really need to dye my hair again. I've been touching up the routes, etc, for the past few months, but have been waiting to dye the whole thing, because I want to go a couple shades lighter (lightish medium reddish brown with lowlights), and dont want to have to deal with roots at the wedding since my hair grows so fast.So, should I go ahead and make the appointment now, or wait another week? My scalp stays red for about a week after I do it, so I don't want to do it too close to the wedding...

Re: dying hair before wedding?

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    I would do it about 2 weeks before to give your scalp a chance to calm down and the color to blend.   That's the timing I was told by my stylist.
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    My stylist told me the same thing.  I did mine maybe 1.5-2 weeks before my wedding.
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    Yes, I had my hair low-lighted with darker browns earlier this week, my wedding is next Saturday...I'm amazed how much it has already calmed down from the drastic dark brown it was the first few days.
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    everything i have read and my stylist said two weeks out.
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