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XP:  Anyone have any experience with the salons in the ULTA stores?  After my terrible hair trial last week I am willing to try anywhere.  There is one right by my house and I like that it's a one stop shop hair and makeup.  I have never even got my hair cut there before, so wondering your experiences?  Thanks!


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    I haven't had my hair done at one but had my make up done there and couldn't say enough good things about them.  I would say have a trial done but it is very important you let them know that you would like the same stylist the day of.
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    It depends on your Ulta -- ask your local board girls! Personally, the one by me has bad reviews -- so it all depends on who ya get.
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    Yeah I posted it on Phx, but no one knew any stylists at the location I'm going.  Thanks though! :-)
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