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Zeno vs. Theramclear

Has anyone actually used these products? If so, how do you feel about them? Do they work? TIA!

Re: Zeno vs. Theramclear

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    I have the old zeno. I love it. Works great, even on cystic acne.
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    Do you feel like it helps prevent them from coming up more often? Is it true that you have to catch the zit early otherwise it doesn't work?
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    If I use it when the zit is first emerging, it works way better. It will keep it from fully forming. for me, It takes overnight on a regular acne breakout and 2 days for a cystic breakout to heal when it is fully formed. I dont really think it helps keep them from coming up as often. I use the clarsonic skin brush and the helps keep my skin clear 90% of the time. I very rarely have to even use the zeno anymore. If you have the means, I would invest in one of those before I would buy the zeno or the thermaclear.
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