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Hair/Makeup for Bridal Party

I'm thinking about finding someone who does hair and make up to come to me and the girls on the day of. Who typically pays for this? Do I pay for everyone or do the girls pay for themselves?
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Re: Hair/Makeup for Bridal Party

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    That is up to you. You can gift that for the BM or you can have them pay for it themselves. HOWVER-just be aware of everyones $$. Not sure what the cost is-but I would run it past everyone to see if they can afford it or not. Some may want to pay and other may want to just do it themselves. hth
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    Typically etiquette dictates that you pay if you're REQUIRING them to get it done.  If you're making it optional, then the girls can pay themselves.  I would ask to see who would be interested in getting their hair done before booking anyone because some stylists will require a minimum number of girls in order to come to your location.
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    If you are requiring that they have their hair/makeup done by the person you hire - YOU pay.If they have the option of going to someone else, they pay.
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    I'm paying for mine (but I only have 3) and we're going to the salon where I'm planning on doing a wine/cheese spread for us and relaxing with my girls before it gets crazy!
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    Originally I told all the girls the cost and told them to get back to me if they wanted their hair and make up done at the venue by this person.  However about a month before the wedding I told all of them that I would be paying for it as part of my gift to them.
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    I agree with pp. However My MOH and I decided that we wanted to have our hair and makeup professionally done, and extended the invite to the rest of the BP. At the time the rest of the girls said they weren't interested... but it turned out they were being polite and simply didn't have the funds... I felt it was important for everyone to feel good the day of, so I decided to gift them. The experience of having everyone together at the salon will be fun and exciting, and if you want to take the stress out of it all, if you can swing it, try to gift them with their hair/makeup/nails. Needless to say everyone is on board now and very excited.
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