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Beauty Schedule/Timeline

Hi there,A few day of beauty questions.  How far in advance are you all doing facials?  I was thinking 1 month but not sure.How about day before wedding?  Anyone doing massages, body scrubs?And finally, what about "waxing", how far before the big day??TIA

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    facials--I'm starting home facials now. massages--eh, not really necessary for beauty. relaxation, sure, but not so much beauty. if I have time, I might get one the day before. body scrub--scrubbing my own body at home in the shower the day of.waxing--I'll go in 1-2 days beforehand but my skin is less sensitive than most and the redness usually disappears within a few hours. besides, if you're talking about *wink, wink* waxing, who cares if your skin is still red the day of? no one but your new husband will see. as long as you're not in pain, you're good to go.

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