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tan lines

I'm considering doing a half ironman the weekend before my wedding. However, I'm very concerned about tan lines. I'm likely to get a lot of sun even if I wear sunscreen. Is their a way to fix this the week of a wedding?

Re: tan lines

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    If you get a spray tan...whatever you do DON'T GET A MYSTIC!! You'll look orange and streaky! The best bet is to go get one done at a salon where they personally airbrush you and you can control the color and they can do some really awesome contoring to make you look even skinnier! I know the best place to get it done here is only $30 and they even give you a discount the first time you get it done. Just one more tip though...don't buy their expensive tan lasting lotion...go to Target/Walmart and get Jergens lotion that enhances your's the same exact thing! HTH!
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    I am having the same issue!! I am a cyclist and have the same lines that you will have..eww. I am getting married in December and am trying to get rid of them with short sessions in a tanning bed - if that does not do the trick - then I will go the spray tan route...given that your event is not until right before the wedding - a spray tan looks like your only option - I would not try to "color in the lines" with self tanner!!! Wear water-proof zinc based 50 spf - I have used this on 100 mile rides and avoided a burn - but not lines.
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    i agree with kels...airbrush is the way to go...a professional can use the right amount and color in the right places...the machines are so unpredictable....
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    I used St. Tropez tanning mouse 2-3 times before the wedding, NO tan lines!  The stuff is absolutely the best!
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    Use Jergen's Natural Glow over the course of the next month or so. (yes, I will try to put it on every night and really hope to see my tan lines fade and develop a nice, subtle, glow)

    Then, I am going to buy the St. Tropez Self-Tanning Mousse and use that about a week before the wedding. I looked up TONS of reviews of this product on YouTube and it looks awesome! I think it's worth the money, even if I buy the 4 oz, which is cheaper.

    I hope this helps you out. I have tan line I'm trying to get rid of for my March wedding, so here is what I plan to do.

    Good Luck! :)
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