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Makeup & Hair - Does it make a difference: One stop shop vs. separate pros?

Hi Everyone, I am currently shopping around for hair and makeup professionals for my wedding day and would like your opinion. What is the general consensus out there - is there a quality difference between getting your hair & makeup done by one professional versus hiring a makeup artist and a separate hair stylist? I am leaning towards hiring one pro to do both because it just seems less overwhelming to me, but I am wondering if having someone so well-rounded will be less satisfying than two experts. I know with one professional you run the risk of everything going horribly wrong if something happens to that person the day of (running late, etc), and I also will be scheduling a trial with the artists so I won't sign a contract or schedule with someone I don't like. I'm just trying to narrow down my list of options! Thanks in advance for your opinions!

Re: Makeup & Hair - Does it make a difference: One stop shop vs. separate pros?

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    I think it's totally possible for someone to be very talented at both makeup and hair. I say go ahead and schedule the trial. If you're happy with it, then I wouldn't worry.
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    I had the same girl for both...and she did an amazing job...she does all of the Miss USA pageants, so she is a pro!It would ask to see samples of their work if they do both.
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