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clip-in extensions xp

I have extremely fine hair so I gave into my stylist's suggestion and bought clip-in extensions.  I am planning on having an updo the day of the wedding and am nervous they might come out or show.  Did anyone else use clip-ins and what did you think? I want to be able to dance and get crazy without worrying about the extensions coming out or showing.  thanks!

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  • I have worn extensions for years and wore them on my wedding day and I've never had a problem.  I do recommend that you get your hair professionally styled for your wedding though, but it sounds like that is what you have planned.
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    I used clip in extensions for my wedding because, like you, my hair is very fine and wasn't quite long enough for the style I wanted.  You couldn't tell I had them in at all, and they defnitely didn't come out (and I danced all night).  I do recommend clipping them in yourself and wearing them around the house a bit to get used to the weight, and figure out if they hurt you anywhere.

    I discovered that mine hurt my scalp near the crown of my head, and I didn't want to deal with the soreness or headache on my wedding day, so I communicated that to my stylist, who was able to keep them all away from that area and I had no issues.  I would not have known about that if I hadn't done a trial with them and worn them around the house, and I would have had a sore head on my wedding day.

    Here is my wedding hair: can you see the extensions?  No one else could :)  Even my own grandma said "I had no idea your hair was so long!!"  It's not ;)

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  • Where did you buy your extensions??
  • I have had extensions glued in, sewn in and bonded in because I have thin hair too. I recently found Luxy clip in extensions and they are SO MUCH cheaper than any other version I have had before. You can find them at


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  • I had never worn clip in extensions before but did use them on my wedding day. My hair was curled and completely up and I wanted more volume. The extensions looked gorgeous and I did not have any problems with pain or them falling out. But def. have a professional put them in.

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  • I have always used the Remy Euronext human hair extensions from Sally's beauty supply.
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    [QUOTE]I have always used the Remy Euronext human hair extensions from Sally's beauty supply.
    Posted by stephiehall[/QUOTE]

    That's the brand I used as well.  I used a friend's though, so I have no idea where she got them.

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