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Itchy Situation

Help!  Forever in my life I have had exzema on my arms the worst.  It tends to get bad now untill April when the air gets moister and then come June it gets worse, not as bad as the winter, but heat aggrivates it.  My wedding is at the end of June 2011 and like every other bride I don't want any flaws!  Anyone have any suggestions for a good thick cream or a secret exzema treatment?!  Undecided

Re: Itchy Situation

  • I have eczema too. I don't know how to resolve the redness but my regimen seems to really help with the itching. Immediately after I shower I apply baby oil or Aveeno moisturizer and then I reapply Aveeno as needed throughout the day. Seriously, you need to try Aveeno, they sell it in bulk at Sam's because it's kind of pricey, but I recently discovered it and don't know why I wasted my time and money on all the other moisturizers that are greasy in comparision. Let me know if you figure out a way to resolve the redness.
  • I don't have eczema, but have you looked into Tattoo coverup?  That may cover the redness up since it covers tattoos.
  • You should definitely ask your doctor about it. My sister has eczema and she uses Cetaphil lotion on the trouble spots. It doesn't clear it up, but it makes it better. Taking an antihistamine might also help. You should use a fragrance & dye free detergent also. Good luck :)
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  •  try aveno out on a little area first.....it made me break out....

    ive herd good things about First aid beauty's body moisture it says right on the bottle it helps with exzema
  • Thanks everyone!  I have had it since i was a kid.  From aveno baths to oatmeal baths to perscription cortizone cream.  Ugh! I've done it all! As of right now I'm using gold bond ultimate healing lotion when ever I think of it... seems to be helping!
  • Try Cetaphil Restoraderm...apply directly after the shower.
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  • I have very dry itchy skin and eczema on my hands particularly.

    I use Aveeno all day long (one on my desk, one at the kitchen sink, one in the bathroom, one by the bed). 

    I also got a few prescriptions for more serious flare-ups: a couple of normal steroidal creams (fluocinonide is one), and then a non-steroidal topical immunosuppressant called Protopic.  It's great and doesn't cause thinning of the skin.  I'd recommend it.

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