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Airbrush/ Bare Minerals??

Hey girls. My question is about wedding day makeup. I am not a make-up wearer normally and I have very sensitive skin. I am looking to have a very light and natural makeup that will last all day and not bother my skin. My original plan was airbrush, but people are telling me to avoid that and go with bare minerals instead. I know nothing about this stuff. Opinions?
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Re: Airbrush/ Bare Minerals??

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    I have very sensitive skin and was putting off having a makeup trial because I was afraid my skin would have a reaction to the makeup.  The makeup artist told me she was going to use the airbrush application.  I loved it.  It felt so light - almost like I was not wearing any makeup at all.  My skin looked flawless.  It did not irritate my skin like I thought it would.  My skin did not itch or break out like I thought it would. 

    The makeup artist told me that the airbrush application is sweat proof and lasts 10-12 hours while traditional makeup application only lasts appr. 4 hours.

    Hope this helps.
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