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Help! Wedding dress is really hot!

Hi all,

I had my first fitting for my wedding dress and realized that it is so HOT. Like, warm hot. the first time I tried it on, I was sweating but I thought that was just nerves because it was a sample so I had to decide to buy it right then and there. But it was the same thing at the fitting. Sweat dripping down my legs!! I asked the tailor if she could take out some of the lining but she said it wouldn't work. My wedding is in early Sept in Baltimore, MD, so it will be hot outside. Any tips on how to handle this? I don't want to be drenching my gorgeous dress!!

Re: Help! Wedding dress is really hot!

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    Hopefully the store was set extra warm to keep brides comfortable but basically there's nothing you can do. That's one thing I never saw on any boards or articles about what to look for when dress shopping. The weight & thickness of your dress. I went for what looked great on me, I didn't realize taking those 5 steps in & out of the dressing room how heavy my dress actually was. I would have gotten a lighter dress.

    My only recommendations is skip any panty hose, panties that are comfortable in hot weather, skip the spanx if you can, and wear strap shoes if possible to help cool off your feet. You may want to see if you can find one of those hand held battery operated fans to help cool yourself off when needed.

    Good luck!!
  • Wear cotton undies- they breathe better. And I've noticed my lady bits are less sweaty when i actually do wear undies than if I go without.

    Get anti-chaffing cream/gel and baby powder for your thighs. I know when my legs sweat in shorts, it becomes painful to walk because my thighs chafe terribly (I also have pretty hefty thighs, and that might be the case)

    Can you get a fan for under the table at the reception? If you are having a sweetheart table, it will be easier to pull this off. Have the table cloth hang lower in fron than in back  and put the fan closer to the front of the table so your dress won'tget caught. Then hike up your skirt a bit when you sit down. If my theory is correct, it should help a bit.

    Can you put your hair up instead of down? I know that if I'm hot and sticky in the summer, putting my hair up helps!

    Good luck!
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    I'm not totally positive this will work, but it's what we used to do in high school sports when it was super hot out, and it worked then so it's worth a try.

    They sell cooling gel strips for migraines, just a thin strip of squishy, band aid-ish material, that is cold when you put it on (no refrigeration required) and stays cool for about 4 hours.  For sports I'd put them on the back of my neck to keep my whole body cool, and it worked pretty well (in 100+ temps).  You could buy some to test out on the small of your back, bottoms of your feet, places like that, that won't show when your dress is on, but will affect your whole body.

    Also, make sure you drink ice cold water.  It will keep you cool from the inside (I have no scientific knowledge of this, but I think it works), and keep you hydrated.

    Here's a link for the gel strip things: (click here) and also ditto to everything PPs said as well.
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    DermaDoctor-Med e Tate. http://www.sephora.com/med-e-tate-P241734

    I tried this out, alongside my coworkers, years back when my works AC was broken, during summer in Maryland (you know what thats about). Did not sweat a single drop, and no one else did as well. Sure, you will still be hot, but that will never show ;)
    It's not something you would use for every day, but obviously for this occasion so worth it. Plus you get several wipes to pass around to your bridal party or groom. Do it once, and you are set for the whole day! Definetely try it out.
    By the way, what material is your dress? And whereabouts is your venue? I've searched venues in Baltimore this past summer into September, and found the venues closest to the harbor to be more comfortable.

  • I had a very heavy dress at our July wedding. It was almost 100º on our wedding day. My best friend was a battery-operated hand fan. I used it liberally before the ceremony and right after while we took pics outside. Luckily our church and reception venue both had awesome AC. It was mainly a problem when we were outside. I also bought enough of the fans (I got them cheap at Walmart) for our WP members too to use outside. Also drink lots of water and stay hydrated. When you're just waiting behind the scenes, hike your dress up if possible to let your legs breathe.

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