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Wedding Hair and Beauty

NWR: Which do you do first in the morning?

In the morning after I shower I always do my makeup first and then I blowdry my hair and style it. But the more I think about it, that doesn't really make sense to blow heat onto my face after I've put on makeup (and I wear full coverage).
So I was wondering, do you blow dry and style first, or do makeup first?

Re: NWR: Which do you do first in the morning?

  • I have insanely thick hair, and, if I do wash my hair in the morning (usually I do it before bed and walk around the house/make dinner/whatever while my hair partially air dries), then I do my makeup while my hair is air drying, and then I finish my hair after my makeup is done.  I hear you on the "blowing hot air in a made-up face"--summer is tough because I get so HOT drying my hair.  One thing I've tried is doing my eye makeup, blow drying, and THEN finishing foundation/bronzer.
  • I wash my hair, let it hair dry, blow dry the rest, straighten it then makeup. If I decide to curl my hair, I blow dry it then do makeup then go back and curl.
  • I'm a night showerer. I hate showering in the morning and having to blow dry and style my hair. If I wash it at night and let it air dry, it always looks way better the next morning (weird, I know).

    In the few instances when I have to shower in the morning, I put my make-up on before blow drying my hair.

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  • I always put my make up on first and then blow dry my hair.
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  • I have really dry skin, so making my face sweat a bit from the blow dryer tends to set my makeup. 

    Also, I like to have my hair pulled back while I do my makeup, and that would mess up my blow dry if I did the blow dry first. 
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  • I do makeup first because I like to let my hair air dry as much as possible.  I've never noticed it being a problem but I also have dry skin.
  • I only shower at night (I am NOT a morning person), but in the morning I straighten my hair first then do my makeup. 

    For the most part I only use a little bit of coverup and eye makeup on a daily basis. Even if I were doing my full face I would still do makeup second.
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    I always blow dry and style first and do my makeup last. Depending on what I'm wearing, I'll usually do my foundation/powder before getting dressed (to not get powder on my clothes), then get dressed, and then finish my eyes/lips. Blow drying/ straightening/ curling my hair post-makeup would make my face too sweaty and probably mess up my makeup.
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  • No matter how early I get up, I tend to run late. I'm a night showerer but always end up giving my hair a quick blowdry in the am (my bangs are growing out....yeah). I do my hair first because makeup is portable (in the car in the office parking lot if necessary) and a blow dryer isn't
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  • I always do my hair first and then make up. That has a.ways just made the most sense to me, the majority of the time I don't even blow dry and I still do whatever I'm going to do with my hair first.
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