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Hair extensions??

I have fine hair, it's just below my shoulders and my wedding is in3 months. I've always wanted my hair to be down and wavy on my wedding day. My hair can hold a curl but with it being so fine, the volume isn't impressive. I've asked around about getting hair extensions and had so many mixed reviews from my friends that I wasn't sure what other people are thinking?

Re: Hair extensions??

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    I've had real hair (not synthetic) hair extensions in the past and I really liked them.  I have long, fine hair so it was nice to have additional volume and body.  Mine were bonded after a few months when the bonds grow out you either have to get them redone or have them removed by the stylist.  I found that they held a really nice wavy curl.  I would make sure you go to a stylist who knows what they are doing so they look natural.

    I haven't tried the clip in ones, but I've seen some other people on here give really good reviews about those.
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    I wear clip-in extensions all the time and wore them for my weddng.  I wear the Euronext Remy human hair extensions from Sally's in Blonde Frost.  They style great--you can't even tell it's not my real hair.  All my PIB show me wearing them.
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    My sister uses the clip in/removable hair extensions and loves them! I can't even tell that it sisn't her real hair. The girl that's been doing my hair for a few years now suggested them for my wedding and I am so excited to try them out. I've always wanted longer, thicker hair and I trust her to make them look great on our wedding day.
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    As a hairstylist I can tell you that you would truly enjoy the clip on hair extensions. They are a perfect solution for added volume and/or length. The human hair extensions hold curl extremely well, (can get wavy hair extensions if you are going for a look with curl or wave).  Best of luck to you and happy Wedding!
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    thanks for all the advice!!!
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    I actually now wear extensions full time for thickness (medical reasons left me with thinner hair), my hair looks like a rattail in a pony tail without them. Yes they can get expensive but if you find someone who knows what they are doing you will be thrilled!!
    You are from Boston I can highly highly recommend Cassandra Salon in Nashua NH (Sarah Duquette) she is amazing!!!!  I love love love my hair now, it holds a curl too. It is about 800 for a set of 100 which will will really help trust me. If you want any more info or want to talk just PM me and I will give you my email. They last about 4 months btw and you go for "clean up" cuts once a month to keep them fresh.

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    Like Kappa, my hair is very thin and it is getting harder to "hide" the clip-on extensions when I do them myself.  However, my MUA used an entire box of extensions (I was blown away!) so a good stylist should be able to work with clip-on extensions pretty well.  Doing a half-up hairstyle like I did also makes hiding and blending the extensions easier.  That being said, I would have totally invested in the semi-permanent if I could afford them.
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    Can you wear your hair up with hair extensions?  I looked into the Remy ones and those seem to have the best reviews but I just wasn't sure if it would be possible to do an updo with the clips?  Are there any other recommendations for hair extensions for updos?  I have very fine, thin hair and I would just like some volume.
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